Have you had a piece of jewelry in your jewelry box forever, and you just don't wear it?
Has a special item been passed on to you from a favorite family member, but you don't like how it looks?
We can take that jewelry and design a whole new look – turning your old piece into something wonderfully new. We can modernize an old setting, recreate an estate, or take stones from 2-3 ornaments create a whole new design.
Get your dream designed in just four easy steps: 
  • Vishakha will work with you to understand your personality and needs to create the perfect design for you!
  • Estimates for new designs will be shared.
  • After a comprehensive quality check, our in-house Gemologist will provide a report on Gemstone Quality, Gold Purity etc.
  • Finally, your jewelry will be ready for you to adorn.
Don't let your old jewelry gather dust in drawers. Just give us a call, and we'll give them a new lease of life!